Family Training Class for Companion Dogs: Level One
In just (6) weeks, our professional staff of academically trained Animal
Behaviorists teach you how to develop an excellent attitude and
extraordinary manners with your dog – using only a buckle style collar and
a six foot leash.

Our exclusive methodology is designed for the entire household, including
children of all ages.

The course fosters safe, relaxed, pro-social behavior in human students
and dogs alike – employing none of the “alpha dog” or “pack leader”
dominance centered methods that define other popular training

We don’t profess to speak dog and don’t expect the dog to speak or
comprehend English, or any other human language. We teach you to
establish a method of communication with your dog, allowing you to direct
its behavior and attitude.

All dogs (8) weeks or older are eligible.
Class size limited to (6) families in Plymouth.

Curriculum also includes: Leash Etiquette, Proper Play and
Socialization, Nuisance Behavior Prevention, Safety, Relaxation and
Distraction Training, House Training, Cage Training and Destruction
Prevention. Presented in (6) one hour evening classes.


For more information, please contact  Animal Learning Systems