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Ashley – Manager
BIO-AshleyHey There, my name is Ashley. I have been a part of the Happy Hounds family since February of 2010.  In August of 2014, I received my Bachelors degree from Eastern Michigan University, Majoring in Business Management, minoring in Human Resources. From there, I followed my degree and began working full time as a Human Resource Manager at Underground Printing. During this time, I remained an active part-time member of the HH team, mostly helping out on Weekends. In July of 2016, I returned to Happy Hounds to fulfill my dreams of Managing the Dog Day Care. Ever since I started working at HH in 2010, I knew this was where I wanted to begin and end my career. Outside of Happy Hounds I play, coach and manage a women’s ice hockey team in Ann Arbor. Additionally, I am an Assistant Coach for the Plymouth-Canton-Salem Girls Ice Hockey Team. I have had the pleasure of being on the ice with them since 2013. Every year it gets harder to say goodbye to the graduating classes, those 4 years seem to go so quickly. I absolutely love my job here at Happy Hounds and have had the privilege to care for and fall in love with each and every pup I’ve met. We form bonds with your kids as if they were our own. We snuggle them, hug them, kiss them, talk to them and take countless pictures of their adorable or goofy personalities. The best part of my day is walking through the red gate and seeing a herd of wagging tails and wiggle butts all trying to get my attention first. Everyday brings a different pack of pups with a million reasons to smile. We love the hand nudges, the love nips, the mounds of slobber and the barks for attention because after all, they are part of our Happy Hounds family.

Andrea – Assistant Manager
BIO-AndreaHello! My name is Andrea. You’ll often see my smiling face greeting you and your furry child at pick-up or drop-off. I’ve been part of the Happy Hounds family since September of 2009. It’s by far the best experience and opportunity I’ve ever had. Nothing can compare to the amount of love I get when I first walk in to the herd of pooches for the day. For me, inquiring at Happy Hounds for a job was a no-brainer. I’ve always lived with multiple dogs, cats and plenty of fun-chaos. In 2018, my dreams came true and I purchased a huge chunk of land with a small house for my boys. I have two rescued pups, Bo, a hound mix, and Lazlo Flearoy, an American Staffordshire Terrier. I personally rescued both of my boys. Lazlo was found in August 2015 as a stray with a case of demodex mange at the age of six months. Because of his terrible condition, he was refused by staff at a humane society so I took him in. Despite his experience with neglect, Lazlo has the sweetest, friendliest demeanor. He’s so smart, loyal and eager to learn. So much so, he’s even learning his colors! Bo was rescued while on a vacation up north with a friend in April of 2008. He was only 11 months at the time yet he was abused, neglected, unwanted and had a one way ticket to the pound. I knew what a death sentence a small town pound was, so I brought him home. Once healed from being neutered, I immediately began posting “free to good home” fliers. The longer I had him, the more I realized how temperamental he could be. With management, training and trust, we quickly formed a bond like no other, so he stayed! Rescuing them both was a huge learning experience. They have taught me a lot about canine behavior, patience, leadership, and overall unconditional love, which I have transferred to the Happy Hounds family of pooches.



Hi! I am Sawyer. I began working at Happy Hounds in September 2018 and I already love it! The dogs are literally ALWAYS happy, which is infectious. I enjoy having this opportunity to be around other people my passion for dogs. My dog, Midnight, was a litter from two dogs that I use to help take care of. When the puppies were born, I was there every day. I wholeheartedly believe Midnight chose me, because of this, I use to sneak her home against my parent’s wishes. Eventually they caved and allowed me to keep her. In the past, I’ve volunteered at animal shelters, which helped solidify my decision to apply to Happy Hounds. Who wouldn’t want the chance to hang out with a bunch of dogs?! Aside from my passion for animals, I’ve spent my entire life competing, teaching and even studying dance.



IMG_1140 Hello! My name is Jackie and I’ve been a part of the Happy Hounds family since March 2018. I have always been the animal lover in my family and working with dogs seemed like an excellent choice when I started looking for a job. Turns out I found the perfect place! Walking through the door and seeing all the wagging tails and happy puppy faces is the best. Can anyone beat a dogs enthusiasm? My favorite thing to do is steal kisses from their little noses when I walk by, or if I stand still too long someone is bound to come lay on my feet, and then I dare not disturb the adorable creature on my shoes. I am not able to have a dog of my own right now so I am happy to come to work and love on all the dogs there. Outside of Happy Hounds I went to school to become a Manicurist, this is a perfect way for me to explore my enjoyment of art and creativity. There is endless opportunity to create things when doing nail art which is my absolute favorite. Along with drawing, I enjoy reading, I will read anything. Fiction, non-fiction, classics, horror, fantasy, you name it, I’ll read it. I also enjoy traveling, I want to visit all 50 states and I have a decent amount crossed off already. I’m excited to see where life takes me, but its always good to come back to those furry friends hanging out at Happy Hounds.

Hi! My name is Jessica and I have been a part of the Happy Hounds family since March of 2019. I grew up loving animals, visiting shelters, and volunteering at rescues. I currently have 3 of my own animals. My baby, Luna, is a Siberian husky. She is full of energy, sass, but most importantly, love! Luna never fails to put a smile on my face. I also have 2 cats my family adopted from a shelter. Their names are Tigger and Boo. They love to cuddle and are very curious kitties. I am currently a student at Schoolcraft College, exploring my options and interests for a career when I’m older. I love coming to work and walking into smiling faces and wiggling butts! The worst part of working is having to leave and not being able to take them all home with me!

Hey! My name is Haley and I’ve been with Happy Hounds since July 2019. Every time I go into work, I’m excited to be there. I love seeing all of the dogs, both new and old faces. It feels like a big family at Happy Hounds, between both the workers and the dog pack! I’ve been a dog lover for as long as I can remember. I have two dogs currently. One, a sassy mini dachshund named Mitzi who we have had since she was a puppy. The second, a sweet Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mix named Mya, who we adopted at 4 years old from a family that could not care for her anymore. Seeing my girls is the highlight of my day!
When I’m not at Happy Hounds, I’m getting 2 degrees at Eastern Michigan University. (International Affairs and International Trade with a concentration in Japanese Language.) I speak a good deal of both Spanish and Japanese, and am striving to be fluent in Japanese someday. I LOVE travel, but the worst part has to be leaving my dogs behind! I am so happy to be apart of the Happy Hounds team and being able to care for such a wide variety of sweet dogs (or kids as I like to call them!)

Hi! My names Adrienne and I have been apart of the Happy Hounds family since August of 2019. I have always wanted to work with dogs and I am so glad that I am able to do it now! I have always loved dogs and I have two loving Beagles at home; Buddy is 10, I adopted him from the Humane Society in 2010, and he is one of the most laid back dogs I have ever seen. I also have Charlie who is 6, I adopted him from the Humane Society in 2013, and he’s the wild one in the house. When he hunts, he sounds like a seal! I am always so excited to go to work and see lots of happy wagging tails and those puppy dog eyes. It isn’t often that you hear someone say that they love their job, but I can say that I do. When I am not at Happy Hounds, I attend Eastern Michigan University and I am currently working on getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Happy Hounds is like a big family and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Hi! My name is Sierra. I recently started working at Happy Hounds in September 2019 and I am so happy to be apart of the Happy Hounds family! There’s nothing better than coming to work and seeing happy, wagging tails and receiving unlimited sloppy kisses. I am currently attending school to become a veterinarian. I have 3 pit bulls at home: Saddie (9 years old), 8ball (10 years old) and Capone (14 years old). Fun fact, my dog Saddie loves getting piggyback rides! So not only do I get lots of cuddles at home, I look forward to coming to work everyday and cuddling all of your sweet pups too!

Hi my name is Kennedy Yerkes I am currently a student at Madonna University and I am majoring in biology and minoring in pre-vet to hopefully further my education and earn a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. What brought me to Happy Hounds was my love for caring for animals. I have loved animals my whole life and grew up spending summers shadowing my dogs vet. My dog Hank, who is a golden doodle, is my baby. Hank is the sweetest and the most cuddly pup. He is one of those big dogs that think he’s a lap dog. I also have two cats named Eugene Fancy Pants and Murial, who are also my babies. My older sister came home with baby Eugene and he’s been in our family ever since. Eugene loves to play and explore outside. I adopted Mural from a Humane Society, about a year ago, and she is a super loving cat who has made a great addition to my family. When I am not working or studying I am usually playing basketball or volleyball. I look forward to coming into work and seeing all those wagging tails and happy pups greeting me at the door.