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Ashley – Manager
BIO-AshleyHey There, my name is Ashley. I have been a part of the Happy Hounds family since February of 2010.  In August of 2014, I received my Bachelors degree from Eastern Michigan University, Majoring in Business Management, minoring in Human Resources. From there, I followed my degree and began working full time as a Human Resource Manager at Underground Printing. During this time, I remained an active part-time member of the HH team, mostly helping out on Weekends. In July of 2016, I returned to Happy Hounds to fulfill my dreams of Managing the Dog Day Care. Ever since I started working at HH in 2010, I knew this was where I wanted to begin and end my career. Outside of Happy Hounds I play, coach and manage a women’s ice hockey team in Ann Arbor. Additionally, I am an Assistant Coach for the Plymouth-Canton-Salem Girls Ice Hockey Team. I have had the pleasure of being on the ice with them since 2013. Every year it gets harder to say goodbye to the graduating classes, those 4 years seem to go so quickly. I absolutely love my job here at Happy Hounds and have had the privilege to care for and fall in love with each and every pup I’ve met. We form bonds with your kids as if they were our own. We snuggle them, hug them, kiss them, talk to them and take countless pictures of their adorable or goofy personalities. The best part of my day is walking through the red gate and seeing a herd of wagging tails and wiggle butts all trying to get my attention first. Everyday brings a different pack of pups with a million reasons to smile. We love the hand nudges, the love nips, the mounds of slobber and the barks for attention because after all, they are part of our Happy Hounds family.

Andrea – Assistant Manager
BIO-AndreaHello! My name is Andrea. You’ll often see my smiling face greeting you and your furry child at pick-up or drop-off. I’ve been part of the Happy Hounds family since September of 2009. It’s by far the best experience and opportunity I’ve ever had. Nothing can compare to the amount of love I get when I first walk in to the herd of pooches for the day. For me, inquiring at Happy Hounds for a job was a no-brainer. I live with my parents and their rescue pup Ellie, a 3 year old pit mix, and my two rescued boys, Bo, a hound mix and Lazlo,a purebred staffy(I have the DNA results to prove it! =P). I personally rescued both of my boys. Lazlo was found in August 2015 as a stray with a case of demodex mange at the age of six months. Because of his terrible condition, he was refused by staff at a humane society so I took him in. Despite his experience with cruel humans, Lazlo has the sweetest, friendliest demeanor.  Bo was rescued while on a vacation up north with a friend in April of 2008. He was only 11 months at the time yet he was abused, neglected, unwanted and had a one way ticket to the pound. I knew what a death sentence a small town pound was, so I brought him home. Once healed from being neutered, I immediately began posting “free to good home” fliers. The longer I had him, the more I realized it was irresponsible of me to give him to someone else. Because he was so severely abused, Bo was extremely temperamental and did not trust anyone but me. So he stayed! Rescuing them both was a huge learning experience. They have taught me patience, leadership, and overall unconditional love, which I have transferred to the Happy Hounds family of pooches.


IMG_0537Hi! My name is Sophia. I started working at Happy Hounds in May of 2016. I was referred to Happy Hounds by one of our furry friend’s mom because she knew it would be a perfect fit for me. Boy, was she right! Dogs have always had a special place in my heart. I love devoting as much time to them as I can, whether it is when I’m volunteering at the Michigan Humane Society or caring for my own pup. I have a Standard Poodle named Finnegan who was born in February 2016. He is so energetic and quite spoiled! I love bringing him to daycare and watching him interact with all of the dogs. He has such a great time and always makes a new friend. I am a full-time student at Eastern Michigan University where I am majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I love working at Happy Hounds because it gives me the opportunity to carry my love of dogs to your precious pups. I hope to bring as much joy to their lives as they do to mine!


jodypicMy name is Jody and I’ve been a part of the Happy Hounds family since November 2015. Happy Hounds has been one of my favorite jobs to work at because it is so different from anything I’ve done before. One of my favorite parts about the job is seeing the dogs open up to me and to be able to form a bond with them. I have one pup of my own at home, Tucker. For being only two years old he is a very calm dog, but he is a total goofball and makes me smile nonstop. Other than working at Happy Hounds I go to school full time for business marketing. Whenever I find myself with some free time I like to hike nearby nature trails, read, and be creative, whether it’s baking or doing DIY projects. It can be hard to manage a packed schedule but I make as much time for Happy Hounds as I can because it’s worth it. Happy Hounds is a very rewarding job and I am very lucky to be able to work here.


Yvonne – Office Personnel
wp_001057Hi I’m Yvonne. I joined the Happy Hounds family in Sept 2004 when we opened. I’ve worked in a vet office and as a professional groomer. Now, I work in the office but still get to see and pet all my furry friends. I’ll be taking your reservations and sending you pictures of your doggies. I have one doggie of my own “Indi” short for Independence Day which is when we adopted her in 2008. I also have a cat, Sha na na , and three goldfish (un-named). I’m married (33 years) to Rob and we have two adult sons, Aaron and Austin. Aaron recently married to a wonderful lady, Michaela, so I’m hoping to be a grandma soon. I look forward to talking/emailing with each of you.




hannahbioHi, my name is Hannah and I’ve been with Happy Hounds since September 2016. I have one dog, Roscoe, an 11 yr old mystery mutt, whose breed mix still remains constantly debated. I consider him my soul dog, because while adopting him, we found out he and I share a birthday! He lives up north with my parents, and I look forward to our visits now like Christmas Day. At home, I have a cat and 3 rats. To me, a house doesn’t feel like home without animals. What I love about Happy Hounds is that we return the love by making dogs feel at home away from home.


unnamedHi, my name is Hayley and I have been part of the Happy Hounds family since February 2017. I have two fur babies of my own; a Westie named Lucky and a kitty named Ella, but she only responds to “Mew-mew.” I do not currently attend College or University, but I have an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. I have always loved animals, especially dogs. I had seen the Happy Hounds sign many times driving to work at PARC as a swim instructor and decided to apply. It was the best decision I have ever made! The cage-free facility is wonderful for the dogs and I love having little furry shadows as I go about my work. I am always excited to see my furry friends during my shift.

Hi! My name is Lauren, and I’ve been working at Happy Hounds since April 2018. I actually worked at Happy Hounds previously (2009-2012) while I attended college, and I am back again on the weekends! I just couldn’t stay away. Happy Hounds has been one of my favorite jobs where I truly enjoy every minute of it. I love spending time with all the amazing pups, and getting to know each of their personalities. I also enjoy getting to know the parents of these crazy/fun dogs! When I’m not at Happy Hounds, I do work full time at the corporate office of a local retail company in marketing. I currently live in Plymouth with my dog Riley and my cat Turbo! Riley is a HUGE advocate for Happy Hounds (as am I) – as she loves to see her friends every week, play hard, come home and sleep hard. My cat is not as much of a fan…apparently he does not find being in a cage free home with a bunch of dogs very appealing (must be a cat thing).

IMG_1140 Hi my name is Jackie, and I just recently started working at Happy Hounds in March 2018. I’ve always loved animals and I’ve always wanted a job where I could love on them. Happy Hounds is perfect for that! I am not currently in school, and besides working at Happy Hounds I have a childcare job. I find working with human-children is a lot like working with dog-children. In my free time I enjoy reading, biking, and spending time with family. I have 2 cats at home that I adore, but as of right now I cannot have my own dog, so I am very happy to come and spend time with the dogs at Happy Hounds. I love all the furry friends I get to see every time I walk through the door. I’m so glad I found a place where dogs have the freedom to roam and I get to enjoy their company every time I’m here.

GennabiopicHello! My name is Genna. I started working at Happy Hounds in April of 2018. My dogs have been going to Happy Hounds since late 2016. After seeing how things work from a clients prospective I knew that Happy Hounds would be the perfect place for me to work. My day is always so much more enjoyable when I know that I will be going in to work. Each and every dog is able to bring a smile to my face even on the worst of days. I have two dogs at home, Tinkerbell and Tyson. They keep everyday interesting with their boxer personalities. They always enjoy going to the lake and going on runs making sure that I am staying active and enjoying the outdoors. When I am not running around with my dogs or at work I am a full-time student at Eastern Michigan University. I am majoring in business marketing and hoping to intertwine my degree with my active lifestyle when I graduate. Happy Hounds has made my days so much more enjoyable and I am so lucky to be working at a job where everyone including the pups is just like family.

IMG_3232 Hi, my name is Emily and I have been a part of Happy Hounds since April 2018. I have always grown up with a dog and a love for dogs, especially Jack Russell Terriers. I do not currently have a fur baby of my own but I spend a lot of time cuddling with my boyfriend’s puggle, Chloe. She is the queen of everything and has the sassiness to prove it! I currently work full time as a Human Resources Coordinator at Trinity Health Senior Communities then spend one night a week bonding with the Happy Hounds pups. So far my favorite part of working at Happy Hounds is seeing where all the pups decide to sleep during overnights. I love that this company allows the dogs to roam around during their overnight stays and our team does everything to ensure they are comfortable and happy while away from their homes. I look forward to getting to meet all of the Happy Hounds pups!