February 2023 – Boomer R.

Parent Given Name:BoomerAttending Since:January 2018Happy Hounds Nicknames: BOOM Daddy!Favorite Friends:CajunMost Known For:Romping around the basement, FULL SPEEDBest Nap Time Spot:‘His Bed Room’, Middle of Walkway What is a ‘Day in the life of Boomer’ at Happy Hounds? After a quick potty break, Boomer is jumping at every door, eager to play with all his fellow friends. Once the doors are open, LOOK OUT! Boomer has a solid 10 min of running full speed through the pack. After getting some of his energy out, Boom and his boyfriend, Cajun, wrestle in the basement before the big guy declares it’s nap time! […]

2023 Calendars have Arrived!

The new 2023 Calendars / Year Books have arrived! Make sure to grab one the next time during Drop-Off / Pickup!